Artist Bio Sterling Ross Photography

Maui-born Sterling Ross invites you to slip into the dream formed by the seductive union of beauty and inspiration. Find yourself somewhere between night and day in a world where a dream paints the sky and spills into the sea, where clouds blush in the presence of the setting sun, and where the Ocean's spirit lingers on the shore.

"I'm blurring the lines between photography and painting," says Sterling Ross of his limited-editions prints on canvas. "My pieces allow night to become day, oceans to blur, and moments of time to condense into a single instance. I want to capture the essence. I want a dreamy, surreal quality - because that's the way I am."

Maui-born, he graduated from Maui High in the 90's, then earned a degree from the Art Institute of Phoenix. Later, while living in Australia, he began applying his art and design ideas to interpretations through the camera.

"Then I moved back to Maui, and my photography work just exploded, I was reborn here."

He likes to get "in" -- shooting behind a waterfall or in front of crashing waves. "If the camera gets wet, I keep wiping it off. If it rains, I don't care. I have to accept that as my dues. I want my work to serve as gateways into our dreams, portals to another world -- a world that we live in, but may not take time to notice." - "Visual Aid" by Paul Wood for The Art Guide Maui