• The Sea's Soul - Hawaii Photography from Hana, Maui, Hawaii
  • Thousand Finger Falls - Waterfall Photography from Mt. Shasta California

The Inspiration for The Sea's Soul

The ocean gave birth to the islands of Hawaii and eventually they will fall back into her, but not before they collect and thrive with life,  just as they do now.

The ocean is where the cycle of life starts and every day she bears the rain that feeds and flourishes the native life of Maui. Without her graceful presence no life would be here.

In this photo, in the space between waves, she bears her soul, naked and beautiful, yet strong and steady.

This is the celebration of the cessation of longing, when we are in direct connection to the Source of Longing. Through meditation it is possible to connect directly with the longing of life. When your longing aligns with the longing that longs to be longed for, you become one with the grace of life and you are filled with peace and clarity. Even amidst chaos, when you are still and in the moment, the truth of life becomes clear. The truth of any moment never changes and if we could take a photo that exposed all time we would see that only the love and grace of life rendered in its sweet longing would remain. But in this 30 second exposure we see the truth as... The Sea's Soul.

The Inspiration for Thousand Finger Falls

The source of this enchanting spring comes from the snowy slopes of Mt. Shasta in Northern California. The many fine fingered streams of water fall gracefully into the passing azure blue currents of the Sacramento River.

Submerged in the crisp icy waters up to my chest, I peered up at the vivid green moss clinging to the rocky cliff face.

I found myself truly mesmerized by the endless cascades of brilliant white wisps of water and the many soft landings covered in vibrant moist moss.

Despite the cold I was inspired to photography and share the experience of Thousand Finger Falls.

The Seas Soul
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Thousand Finger Falls
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