• The Sea's Soul - Hawaii Photography from Hana, Maui, Hawaii
  • Moonlit Makena - Big Beach Maui, Hawaii Under the Full Moon
  • UpCountry - Sunset Photography from Haleakla, Maui, Hawaii
  • Royal Hawaiian - Fine Art Photography of a Hibiscus
  • Paths of Awareness - Fine Art Photography of Hana, Maui, Hawaii
  • Cross the Line into the Color of Your Dreams - Fine Art Photography of Little Beach Makena, Maui, Hawaii
  • Kai Po'i - South Shore Hawaii Wave Photography
  • The Sun Sets on Midnight Sand - Fine Art Photography of Hana, Maui, Hawaii
  • Open to Grace - Fine Art Photography of Hana, Maui, Hawaii
  • You Do Have a Choice
  • Take Root
  • Streams of Consciousness
  • Where the Land Meets the Sea and the Day Meets the Night - Wailea Maui Fine Art Photography
  • Refresh - Hawaiian Plumerias in Full Bloom
  • Tango - Abstract Fine Art Photography of Maui Hawaii
  • Water Diamonds

The Inspiration for The Sea's Soul

The ocean gave birth to the islands of Hawaii and eventually they will fall back into her, but not before they collect and thrive with life,  just as they do now.

The ocean is where the cycle of life starts and every day she bears the rain that feeds and flourishes the native life of Maui. Without her graceful presence no life would be here.

In this photo, in the space between waves, she bears her soul, naked and beautiful, yet strong and steady.

This is the celebration of the cessation of longing, when we are in direct connection to the Source of Longing. Through meditation it is possible to connect directly with the longing of life. When your longing aligns with the longing that longs to be longed for, you become one with the grace of life and you are filled with peace and clarity. Even amidst chaos, when you are still and in the moment, the truth of life becomes clear. The truth of any moment never changes and if we could take a photo that exposed all time we would see that only the love and grace of life rendered in its sweet longing would remain. But in this 30 second exposure we see the truth as... The Sea's Soul.

The Inspiration for Moonlit Makena

The Moon is full and bright, high in the evening sky, reflecting the radiant brilliance of the distant slumbering Sun.

You are standing on the rocky peninsula of lava that defines and divides Little Beach and Big Beach on the remote tropical island of Maui.

The translucent turquoise sea gently sways below. An uncommon stillness from the normal restless intensity of the heavy Hawaiian surf.

Tribal rhythms pulse through the air as a circle of drums inspire dancers to spin and twirl torches of fire. Fire dancers frolic to this spot to share in the ecstatic dance and celebration of life.

Only when the Moon is bright does this grand gathering make their way back to civilization.

Leaving no trace behind the moment of departure is forever remembered in this five minute long exposure as a sing flame burns brightly from a torch carried from the Moonlit Makena.

The Inspiration for UpCountry

Growing up on Maui has exposed me to countless perspectives that are truly unique to this Hawaiian paradise.

I spent the majority of my childhood freely roaming the gentle slopes and soft green rolling hills of the Haleakala Volcano.

These are the rural lands of Maui, where pastures are wide and traffic is sparse. In the evenings the city lights below ignite and bespeckle the land with star like patterns.

Such a perspective gives true meaning to the phrase “downtown” ad after all these years of traveling the world my heart will forever belong “UpCountry”.

The Inspiration for Royal Hawaiian

Royal Hawaiian - Fine Art Photography of a Hibiscus

The Inspiration for Paths of Awareness

What do you see before you now? Is this a dark path with lurking fears and hidden dangers? Is our path clear of or obstructed? Do you have a bright destination or does a decision lie ahead as a fork in the path? Are you safely drawn to the light or are you about to be engulfed by unknown darkness?

Reflect on where you are and what you experience in the path of life. This is your reflection on the life you live. This is one of the many Paths of Awareness.

The Inspiration for Cross the Line into the Color of Your Dreams

This Little Beach near Makena on the Hawaiian Island of Maui hosts the most ecstatic celebration of the Sun you will ever experience.

Countless bodies dance to the tribal beats of hand drums with their naked soles pulsing in the sweet salt kissed sand.

The energy of the sacred movement surges as the sun approaches the horizon. The island of Molokini bears witness as torches ignite in full celebration of the setting sun.

In this picturesque moment the sun, in full blaze, is about to slip under the shad of the sea. Bearing a bold line across the ocean, this line lures you to cross it as it extends from the horizon right up to the shoreline.

Will you follow your desires and Cross the Line into the Color of your Dreams.

The Inspiration for Kai Po'i

The Hawaiian Islands are home to the bravest of winter swells. These movements bring prized waves that attract thrill seeking souls from all corners of the globe.

Sandy Beach on the South Shore of Oahu is blessed with the strong swells that roll swiftly onto the sandy shore.

Kai Po’i, in Hawaiian, means crashing wave.

The Inspiration for The Sun Sets on Midnight Sand

The black sands of Wainapanapa add incredible contrast to the unbelievable vivid hues of the lush and tropical shores of East Maui.

The sky is invoked with soft dreamy colors as the sun retreats into the sea.

The Inspiration for Open to Grace

The celebration of the longing for the grace of life. The grace of life is the current of love and inspiration that flows through the stream of consciousness. Every moment is held by this grace and receiving it is simply a matter of opening and allowing it to flow through you. Any pain or negativity in life is resistance to this natural goodness and through the process of letting go we are able to open up to the true love and grace that permeates all of existence. Open to Grace.

The Inspiration for You Do Have a Choice

The celebration of the wisdom and guidance of longing. When we learn to connect with our sense of longing and to make decisions based on what feels right, as opposed to what we think is right, we find that we carry with us the most informative of guidance systems that will always lead us in the right direction. Removing our ego which is informed by our mind which is persuaded by society and external forces, we find we can make the best choices that aid and benefit everyone involved. You Do Have a Choice.

The Inspiration for Take Root

The celebration of longing for acceptance. This moment is our existence, your awareness is the leading edge of cosmic intelligence. This moment is absolute perfection and if it could be any other way, it would be. Accepting the moment is accepting the grace and gift of life. Take root and bloom where you are planted.

The Inspiration for Streams of Consciousness

New growth stretches towards the sky as a cool clear rush of water wears a weaving path through the lush forest floor. Streaming up like wild thoughts, rushing towards you like inspiration, the lush rainforest converges in your presence.

This moment marks your place in your reality. Infinite variations of life experience rush and stream by as you are centered and focused on this singular perspective. Your place in life is this stream of consciousness.

The Inspiration for Where the Land Meets the Sea and the Day Meets the Night

The islands of Molokini and Kahoolawe stand resolutely in the distance as soft summer clouds carry the setting sun’s color across the warm tropical sky.

The day gives way to the night where the land surrenders to the sea. At this apex of transitions change becomes apparent. Opportunity becomes clear. What will the new day bring you? What does your heart desire? Toss your thoughts into the sky and cast your desires into the sea. Here is where everything changes at the place where the land meets the sea and the day meets the night.

The Inspiration for Refresh

Hawaii is home to an abundant variety of fragrant plumeries. They burst in colorful blooms like stars in the skies of tall tropical trees. Strings of these gorgeous flowers circle beaming recipients ceremoniously as traditional Hawaiian leis.

This bright yellow bunch of flowers are edged with vibrant pink accents and bejewelled with diamond like droplets of crystal clear water. Cheerful and stunning they invite you sincerely to join them and to be refreshed.

The Inspiration for Tango

Waves gracefully glide with the brave beauty found only in the brush strokes of a master painter. Here, her canvas is the surface of the sea. Her ever-changing art is inspired by distant winds fueled by the sun. She paints and paints with waves of passion. Dreaming of a dance with her lover, she paints the Tango of the Sun and the Sea.

The Inspiration for Water Diamonds

Water diamonds. I am the Ocean and your Love is the wind that shapes my surface. I unfold as crystal blue waves of inspiration onto the shore of possibility

The Seas Soul
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