• Streams of Consciousness
  • Paths of Awareness - Fine Art Photography of Hana, Maui, Hawaii

The Inspiration for Streams of Consciousness

New growth stretches towards the sky as a cool clear rush of water wears a weaving path through the lush forest floor. Streaming up like wild thoughts, rushing towards you like inspiration, the lush rainforest converges in your presence.

This moment marks your place in your reality. Infinite variations of life experience rush and stream by as you are centered and focused on this singular perspective. Your place in life is this stream of consciousness.

The Inspiration for Paths of Awareness

What do you see before you now? Is this a dark path with lurking fears and hidden dangers? Is our path clear of or obstructed? Do you have a bright destination or does a decision lie ahead as a fork in the path? Are you safely drawn to the light or are you about to be engulfed by unknown darkness?

Reflect on where you are and what you experience in the path of life. This is your reflection on the life you live. This is one of the many Paths of Awareness.

Streams of Consciousness
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Paths of Awareness
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