• The River of Life Flows from a Single Source - Milford Sound, New Zealand
  • Cloud Stream

The Inspiration for The River of Life Flows from a Single Source

All life on this exquisite Earth is fed by the Sun. This single point of light propels all movement in our world, from the breath of the breeze to the swell of the sea. From the spin of a fan to the roar of an engine. All life is inspired by the Sun, without it life would be too cold and dark to thrive as it does now.

But what inspires the Sun to shine? Is it as simple as nuclear fusion or as complex as the desire to live itself?

Is life a product of chemical reactions or is life a result of the inspiration to live, to thrive, and to experience? What inspires you? Follow the thread of inspiration in your life and you will find that the River of Life Flows from a Single Source.

The Inspiration for Cloud Stream

I am drawn in to this scene, softly. Beckoned by the brilliant glow of flowing clouds my awareness is begged to let go. But to what? The eyes are restless, left only to imagine the source of this stream, and unable to find resolve as it is engulfed by the ancient forest of vivid greens. Tracing the sharp defines that border the image, I return to the source and its sweeping cools of blue and white. My attention carried sweetly finds itself basking in the angelic whips of water as its flow changes directions.

It is here we find, in this point of transition, the apex of change, a place of peace and eternal stillness.

The River of Life Flows from a Single Source
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Cloud Stream
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