• Waltz
  • Moonlit Makena - Big Beach Maui, Hawaii Under the Full Moon
  • Tango - Abstract Fine Art Photography of Maui Hawaii
  • Waterfall Fingers
  • Water Diamonds

The Inspiration for Waltz


The Inspiration for Moonlit Makena

The Moon is full and bright, high in the evening sky, reflecting the radiant brilliance of the distant slumbering Sun.

You are standing on the rocky peninsula of lava that defines and divides Little Beach and Big Beach on the remote tropical island of Maui.

The translucent turquoise sea gently sways below. An uncommon stillness from the normal restless intensity of the heavy Hawaiian surf.

Tribal rhythms pulse through the air as a circle of drums inspire dancers to spin and twirl torches of fire. Fire dancers frolic to this spot to share in the ecstatic dance and celebration of life.

Only when the Moon is bright does this grand gathering make their way back to civilization.

Leaving no trace behind the moment of departure is forever remembered in this five minute long exposure as a sing flame burns brightly from a torch carried from the Moonlit Makena.

The Inspiration for Tango

Waves gracefully glide with the brave beauty found only in the brush strokes of a master painter. Here, her canvas is the surface of the sea. Her ever-changing art is inspired by distant winds fueled by the sun. She paints and paints with waves of passion. Dreaming of a dance with her lover, she paints the Tango of the Sun and the Sea.

The Inspiration for Waterfall Fingers

Streams of water slide down the back of a waterfall overhang. These fingers trail down in white streams of water as showers of water dance and splash to your right.

The Inspiration for Water Diamonds

Water diamonds. I am the Ocean and your Love is the wind that shapes my surface. I unfold as crystal blue waves of inspiration onto the shore of possibility

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